Monday, September 4, 2017

Long Short Summer - Gearing Up for the Next Trip!

We've never had a summer as busy as this one.  Rob has honed his truck-driving skills even sharper than they already were.  
As soon as we arrived home the end of March, he was hauling potato seed from Idaho and Montana. 

We then moved the bus to Zillah (WA) for 2 months, while he working road construction. He came home on weekends, and sometimes Georgie and I would visit him for a few days.   We got new LEDs for the headlights!! Now we'll actually be able to see the road on our next trip. What a concept. 

Then it was on to Coulee City (WA) for a month while he hauled wheat and wheat seed. 

This was Georgie's favorite (and mine!) because we had private access to a walking trail and the lake!

It was during this time that I got started on my own little business, lifeROCKs! It's all about choosing healthy tools to aid in your wellness, and well, making your life ROCK!  You can check it out here and let me know what you think.  
Wheat season is a gorgeous time of year, but it's just about done.  Fall is coming way too fast.  Next Rob will start to haul potatoes starting on September 15, and that will run for about 6 weeks. The Harvest Party hosted by the Marlin Hutterian Brotherhood will mark the end of the working season for us and the beginning of our next trip!!! We are so exhausted and so excited, and can't wait to see you all on the road!