Monday, March 27, 2017

The 2017 Finale!

Once we left Brenda, we had intended to stay at Verde Valley Thousand Trails but it was "full" ( 75 sites were offline needing repair ) so we stayed on public land about two miles from the resort so we could still use the facility for water and trash. It actually worked out to our benefit.

I was finally motivated enough to start learning how to engrave leather. I really enjoyed playing around with the different tools. Eventually I want to engrave a belt that shows our journey.

After 10 days of dry camping near Cottonwood AZ we had visited most of the attractions we had hoped for and started prepping the coach for travel again.

The South Rim of the Grand Canyon was breath taking!

After spending a few hours at the rim, we headed north again, stopping at roadside shops and views periodically when parking space allowed pull through maneuvering.

Using our Ultimate Campgrounds app, we found this jewel of a spot called Lone Rock State Park just over the border in Utah. Situated on Lake Powell with beautiful soft sand beaches with just enough packed sand to park a large coach with confidence within 200 feet of the water.

Probably one of the top 2 places we visited this year. Lone Rock State Park was perfect!

We stayed 4 days. 3 days longer than we had intended because it was that good. 

Very interesting people live here. We had a great time just chatting and sailing and four wheeling around this awesome park.

When we finally tore ourselves away from heaven, it was a hard push north into the heart of Utah. 

Red Canyon/Bryce Canyon was stunningly gorgeous but as we made it farther up the scenic 12 , it became very clear that we lacked the needed horsepower for the extremely steep grades and our naturally aspirated Detroit 8V71 was in serious need of more oxygen as we approached the 10000 foot elevation mark. At some points, we were slowed to a one mile per hour crawl with smoke bellowing and fingers crossed but she made it up and over and through every scary, beautiful, treacherous and fantastic feature.

Once we were off the scenic 12, we found Torrey Utah. A nice place to park, a pizza joint and we unwound via pitchers of beer, dinner and a well earned nights sleep. The remainder of our trip home was familiar ground through Ely Nevada and north through Jackpot NV and on through the base of Idaho then meandering west into Oregon eventually. Once in Oregon it was time to hold the pedal down and finish what we started. After a total of over 4100 miles, we pulled into our little Eastern WA town and were joyously greeted by friends and family. All in all, with seven states completed, the first season was a huge success. The lessons learned were many. The character building hardships and challenges made us different people today. I can truly say, it's not what we saw on the trip but what the trip saw in us. Now it's time to buckle down, go back to work and prepare for the 2018 season of travel when we head through MT, ND, SD, NE, KS, OK, TX, WY, and CO!

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