Sunday, March 5, 2017

Bye Bye Brenda AZ

As much as we have thoroughly enjoyed our "extended stay" in Brenda AZ, the time to head for a new destination north had to be March. To be honest, we were way too comfortable here and as good as that may sound, comfort has not much in common with self improvement and adventure. I find myself lying around getting fat and complacent when things get too easy!

Our new Suzuki has proven to be an excellent exploration tool. We have not been gentle with it but we have fixed almost all the little things until it's just about perfect now minus all the mud and weed scratches but hey, that's what it's for! 
We also upgraded from 6 seven gallon aqua-tainers to 9 giving us 63 gallon capacity on water runs which are only a couple miles each way and the little Zuki handles the weight pretty well.
Our battery bank has also increased in size from five group 27 RV units to eight! In the winter, amount of time between sunset and when we actually go to bed is about 4 hours so if we didn't want to have to run the little Honda EU1000 for a couple evening hours to maintain our 95% to 100% capacity needed for overnight fridge and furnace operation, we needed a few hundred extra amp hours to make up for the slack time. This bank size is working flawlessly and we have no need to run any generator unless it's overcast all day.
 Our friend Dana had us over to enjoy the pool at his park and we were hooked.
We were even treated to a visit from Jess's Dad Paul and our Son Colton from Washington State for a couple days and they were kind enough to drive our trusty Volkswagon Jetta home after enjoying some sun and desert fun.
True to our word we did finally tear ourselves away from paradise and head north.
About 200 miles northeast, our new spot is a little more remote but so far has proven to be a great place to explore for the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more!

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