Sunday, January 22, 2017

Arizona Alright part 2

After a few days at the beautiful Black Rock RV Park in Brenda AZ, it was time to move back out into the desert where the rent is a little more affordable. As with every move day, I went  through my checklist of all things GMC including topping off the engine oil, antifreeze and power steering oil. Inside, we tie everything down, tape everything closed and move everything that could fall down to a safer location. We also made sure to fill up with water, totes and all since we were heading for an area with no hookups.
On a tip from a friend, we had heard about some BLM land that was close to the little community of  Brenda so after a five minute trip and a little scouting, we decided on a nice private spot around 2 miles from the highway and the general store.
With spectacular views and zero neighbors, this new spot has proved to be one of my favorites.

With Quartzsite only 12 miles away and Brenda at 2 miles, we have everything we need to be comfortable for awhile out here. What we were in need of however was a different car that could be used to explore all these old trails and roads. The Jetta has been such a great car but it's ground clearance makes it useless on the trails. I'm thinking.....Samurai!

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