Friday, December 23, 2016

Dry camping on what used to be lake bed

Ten days ago we rolled in here on a tip from our friends Laurie and Scott from and we've been here ever since.

After repositioning the coach to maximize the power of the sun on our tilted solar panels, we rolled out our carpets and went on a water run to the nearby town of Overton NV. We can haul 42 gallons at a time in 6 seven gallon totes with our car so as long as we conserve and don't do laundry every day, we can make our 110 gallon capacity last quite awhile.

Once we get back, 28 miles, with our load, we pump it from the totes, into our tanks with the help of a 12v sureflow diaphram pump.

Laundry day uses about 40 gallons for 3 good size loads so I try to haul in an extra trunk load of water when it's time and we run our little Honda eu1000 to keep the batteries up while the washer runs. The dry cycle takes too much power to run off battery so we hang dry which actually works great in this climate.

When all the chores are caught up, we get out and explore all the many attractions and cultures this area has to offer.

All of this leg of our trip would not have been possible without a tip from these two fantastic individuals. Be sure to check them out at and on instagram @laurieandscott. The sting of homesick we feel with Christmas so close will be so much easier to deal with with good friends next door that feel like family already. Merry Christmas all! We will post again soon.

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  1. Its been a blast hanging with you two and feel so great having been able to get to know you guys better. Jest being near y'all brings us much joy and happiness. :)
    Looking forward to many more memories