Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Attwood 10 gallon Hot water heater rebuild

A shot of the replacement tank I ordered from Dyers RV and Trailer and had shipped to our next destination in California.

About 600 miles north we had noticed some pressure loss in the fresh water system but couldn't locate the leak since it wouldn't stop raining long enough to see a drip. While still in Oregon I reluctantly pulled the hot water heater and removed what was left of the old insulation to find a pinhole in the bottom.

Since my backup system wasn't quite finished, I had no choice but to wrap the tank with reflectix and direct the leaking water out the font of the unit and onto the ground if possible until our new tank arrived.

The new tank arrived a couple days after our arrival to the Lake of the Springs Thousand Trails and I jumped right into it.

Our large storage/utility bays make these kind of repairs fairly painless.

The whole process was about a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10 in difficulty. Basically, remove everything from the old tank and install it on the new tank. The only tricky part was getting the burner flue lock rings off and then driving the new ones on without ruining them in the process. I cut the old ones with wire cutters then used a half round bracket and a hammer to drive on the new ones.

The new tank came with a new 110v ac heating element, pressure safety valve and new style styrofoam insulation. All for around $300 shipped. That's quite a savings over the $1000 unit replacement cost and we love our new, leak free tank.

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