Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sterling 12v to 24v Battery to battery smart charger

The last hurdle when it came to our battery system, was trying to figure out how to maintain the 24 volt system that feeds starting power to the coaches diesel engine, 10kw diesel generator and powers the new Eberspacher hydronic furnace. Up until now if our 24v needed topped up, I'd have to disconnect the two large batteries and charge them at 12v seperately with an ordinary automotive 12v battery charger. Again we turn to the marine industry and found exactly what we needed. Sterling Power Products builds a four stage, battery to battery 12v to 24v smart charger for vessels with multiple battery banks that power things like bow thrusters. The key is that the charger only kicks on at around 13.3v when it senses a surplus of charge. It then takes that surplus and steps it up to 24v up to 30v. As we often have a surplus of solar power, this charger works perfectly to keep a constant and perfect float charge on our starting battery bank. The beauty of the install was connecting the 24v output of the Sterling to the 24v input of our 100amp equalizer and watching it split the voltage flawlessly between the two batteries. Problem solved.