Sunday, July 10, 2016

Awnings continued and some electrical upgrades

The window awnings were much the same process but alot easier to handle and I didn't have to modify the arms.

The forklift advantage is huge when doing this myself. I had time to look, adjust, measure and adjust again if needed without anyone complaining of sore arms.

The finished product is absolutely incredible. To think that we had no idea whether or not these used awnings from a 93 Marathon Provost coach would even work. You can measure all you want and still miss something. Keeping the sun off of the windows makes a profound temperature difference and as a side benefit, privacy is increased tenfold when the sun goes down.

The ongoing battle with the out of balance starting batteries is now, I believe, a victory. Last year we added the 100 amp equalizer and thought we had solved our 12/24v imbalance but what I hadn't known was that unless you disconnect the batts completely from the EQ during storage, the two starting batteries will pass voltage back and forth until one or both are dead. Knife disconnects to the rescue!

Also, on the house battery side of things, I had noticed that when current demands exceeded 100 DC amps, this disconnect was getting hot. Can't have that so.....

I replaced it with a Blue Sea 300 amp continuous rated disconnect and upgraded the cables to 2/0 fine strand welding cable. Problem solved.

Also, more on the fun side, new fancy cupholders were installed!

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