Friday, July 15, 2016

Attwood Air Command AC Upgrade

Our old Coleman Mach 3's were still cooling the coach well enough but at the cost of

efficiency not to mention they're noisy and were about 20 years old. After alot of research it seemed like every time I might have found a better mousetrap, the company no longer existed or the website led nowhere. Since large rv manufacturers dictate the market, smart choices for energy budgeting full timers are less than slim. Our final and really, only choice was the Attwood. Dual motors control condenser and internal fan seperately which allows for the best use of power and dramatically reduced noise inside the coach and even more pronounced, outside the coach where close neighbors may be more inclined to not hate you for ruining their picnic with your dual 747's blasting.

Even with the help of a forklift, it took most of the day replacing both roof units. Well worth the effort though! Noise reduction is dramatic. Cooling feels about twice as powerful as the old Colemans and the remote really ads some great geekery to the package. While off grid, we should be able to run one of the units for a couple hours before bedtime which will be a lifesaver on warm nights.

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