Friday, June 17, 2016

Our New/Used Zip Dee Awnings!

As with most improvements surrounding this three year project, if we keep what we need for the coach in mind and have enough patience, the solution presents itself eventually. As luck and good fortune would have it, we found a gently used four piece Zip Dee Contour awning set on ebay for far, far less than we had intended to spend when and if we ever saved enough money since I had my heart set on a vintage style, American made set and I get stupid when my heart is set.

I started off with the 20 foot patio awning and needed to customize the upright arms and rafter bars to fit our relatively short mounting area since these arms came off a 93 Marathon Prevost.

Also had a Z-lock to replace that the previous owner had included with the sale.

Since there are so many 3/16×1 inch rivets required to install this set, I found a pneumatic hydraulic rivet gun out of China for $40. Works excellent.

I used the forklift to position the tube once the arms were attached.

Once I had the tube right where It looked the best it was all about drill, rivet, repeat.

The contour fits the coach perfectly and works like a charm. Check back later for the three remaining installations!