Sunday, May 15, 2016

Bags bearings and brakes

It all started with my new/old makita 1 inch impact that I thought I got such a great deal on awhile back but it turned out to need a $175 part called a hammer. Fixed it and now it has awesomeness again.
The air bags or bellows are the springs in our coach's suspension and they were old and showing signs of impending doom.
This driver side bag was actually starting to fall apart when I rubbed on it.
Once you drop the top plate down, the air supply line reveals itself and the rest is pretty easy as long as you follow the service manual to the letter on safe jacking, blocking and bleeding the air out of the bags.
Workspace is a little tight

With the bags buttoned up, I removed the hub and inspected cleaned and repacked the wheel bearings.
While here, I noticed that the grease seal had been leaking and replaced it as well.
After all that, it was a perfect time to adjust the front brakes before bolting the wheels back on.

Not too difficult if you have a service manual, a hand truck and a monster impact driver!