Friday, March 11, 2016

Remodel 2016 part 3

Since the Traveller Stove was made to have an attached base plate that doubles as floor protection, I sliced out a nice, ready made mounting plate that I can screw securely to the floor that will be hidden under the stone and grout when complete.
To be honest, I had a hard time cutting this hole. I knew by the rivets on the roof that my flu location was in between support ribs. What I didn't know was if there would be anything else in my way.
Success! Through the vinyl, foam, plywood, two layers of styrofoam and then the outer skin which I will wait until the stove is mounted permanently before completing.
Next, I laid out the hearth design with 1/4 inch masking tape and started planning layout with premaid natural stone mosaics. Let me be honest, this was my first ever attempt at being a mason so after getting a stress headache, I tore most of the stones off their premade backing and set them in thinset by hand.
I actually enjoyed this part. Next is grout!

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