Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Remodel 2016 part 6

Finally finished up the copilot area with cedar and floor tile.

We also added a small 12v 16" ceiling fan in the area over the stairs to help push warm air down in the winter and make a welcome breeze when it's warm out.
That"s a wrap for most of the interior work. What's left is the new microwave area and pantry drawer to fill the spot that was left when we removed the uneeded dishwasher.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Remodel 2016 Part 5

With menacing clouds blasting by I was in a bit of a rush to cut the final hole in the aluminum and get things sealed back up again with the silicone roof boot. This is the mobile height of the roof stack that will be capped off while we roll down the road.
After attaching the stack and rain hat, we were more than ready to finally make some heat with our little stove.
We couldn't be happier with the performance of this tiny wood burner. Easy to control, predictable, air tight and beautiful. Useable heat in a small space without over heating us right out of the coach.
While playing with the stove I had plenty of time to finish the Sun Frost refer installation by building a louvered top filler panel to help ventilate the passive top mounted cooling system.
Also making progress on the entry way stairs and surrounding panels with painstaking cedar T&G.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

2016 Remodel part 4

George approved the new ceadar clad furnace ducting.
I sealed the rock before grouting with some Varathane waterbase polyurethane to brink out their color.
After stalling on the grout for as long as I could, Jess and I got to it. It wasn't complicated or hard and it was actually kinda fun.
The finished product turned out

Friday, March 11, 2016

Remodel 2016 part 3

Since the Traveller Stove was made to have an attached base plate that doubles as floor protection, I sliced out a nice, ready made mounting plate that I can screw securely to the floor that will be hidden under the stone and grout when complete.
To be honest, I had a hard time cutting this hole. I knew by the rivets on the roof that my flu location was in between support ribs. What I didn't know was if there would be anything else in my way.
Success! Through the vinyl, foam, plywood, two layers of styrofoam and then the outer skin which I will wait until the stove is mounted permanently before completing.
Next, I laid out the hearth design with 1/4 inch masking tape and started planning layout with premaid natural stone mosaics. Let me be honest, this was my first ever attempt at being a mason so after getting a stress headache, I tore most of the stones off their premade backing and set them in thinset by hand.
I actually enjoyed this part. Next is grout!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Remodel 2016 part2

T+G cedar lower walls and bed pedestal in the bedroom.
Moved the fold down oak desk into the bedroom for Jess so she can look out the window and write or draw.
here's the final product of two and a half days labor. Finish work in this tiny space is tidious for sure.
The finished bathroom looking back toward the bedroom.
and forward toward the livingroom....
.....which still needs alot of love. More to come.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Spring 2016 Remodel Progress

Cleared out the spot for the Sunfrost RF19 by removing the Dometic 3way fridge, microwave and slide out pantry. The pantry will be sorely missed but the extra cold storage makes up for it.

I insulated the old vent hole and routed our composting toilet vent tube out the roof.

This is where things got interesting, you can measure a large appliance and the hole it has to go through all you want but unless you can anticipate your exact path, it's a crap shoot.

This is a face of relief as we inch closer to it's final destination.

Finally, as if by magic, this giant awkward, heavy piece of efficient refrigeration is in its new home and we got it in there by ourselves. Winners!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Let the remodel roll

We started by removing all the white carpet and old linoleum and the passenger side pony wall to make room for the new hearth and woodstove.

The new flooring is a vinyl tile that looks like stone. We started by using a laser to line up the best focal line and working out from there.

Also, the white fuzz on the lower walls has to go so I'm installing tongue and groove cedar that will be much more pet hair resistant and add to the warm cozy cabin feel.

By the end of week one, I'm pretty happy with the results. We even found a new location for the fold away desk that was part of the dimantled pony wall.