Saturday, June 27, 2015

Summer 2015 Chores

Jess and I finally had time to wash and wax the coach this summer. About a 10 hour job with two of us.

I also cleaned up the starter battery bay and new batt equalizer.
When every thing was just starting to look good for the next weekends plans, the DD3 park brake diaphram on the drivers side blew out, locking up the brakes and forcing me to cancel our plans until further notice. Lucky for us it happened close to home and I had the luxury of laying in the gravel replacing parts in front of my own house. I ended up replacing (for good measure), inversion valve, relay valve and both DD3 diaphrams in both cans. Now we should be good for the next 30 years or so!
I apologize for not taking pics as I went but 107 degrees in the shade had me a little rattled and honestly Im not to sure how interesting me sweating under our bus would've been.

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  1. Could you tell me if you have had to replace the "eyebrow" windows ever. If so, where did you go through to do so? Thanks so much!