Sunday, March 8, 2015

Generator tidy up and testing today

Started off the day by relocating the aircleaner to the side of the unit instead of on top where it had been in the way when fully stowed.

Next I hooked up all the lines, starter, ground, remote, fuel and set them up so they spring return when the unit is pushed back in to its bay.

The fuel issue is one that I've gone back and forth on a million times from using the road fuel supply to installing a slip tank in the basement bay. What we finally decided was to tap blitz cans with a special cap and pickup tube and install a return line directly into the cans top creating a much more modular, portable and adaptable fuel source so the coach itself dosen't have to go to town for generator fuel if the need arises.

When a can empties, the generator has an early warning fuel light and shutdown to facilitate source changover without running the injector pump dry.

Since this particular APU is 3 phase, we will only be using one leg of the output to make 120 ac volts for now. With 2 roof airs running plus the microwave, phase 1 was only pulling 40% motor load current. You gotta love overbuilt military equipment!

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