Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Reducing our dependence on propane

All along I have been looking for ways to minimize our coach's dependency on things like dump stations, power pedestals, and someday, even propane. I don't mind having propane backup for things like hot water and our Suburban LPG furnace but for cool desert mornings and chilly evenings I'd prefer the efficiency and relative safety, diesel fired heat can offer. Having 215 gallons of the stuff on board is a factor as well. Last year's wish list included Eberspacher' s Airtronic (air heater) and Hydronic, (coolant heater) and am happy to report that both have become a reality. The air heater is not a new model but will do just fine knocking the chill of those brisk boondocking mornings while sipping .07 gallons of diesel an hour.

Our new Hydronic is the big boy with enough BTUs to preheat all the engine coolant while heating our domestic water tank and warming a heat exchanger in the galley. Once the water reaches a preset temperature, the unit throttles down to conserve fuel.

Next on our list is an induction cooktop and some evacuated tube solar collectors for more heat energy collection on the cheap.

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