Sunday, October 19, 2014

Generator installation phase one.

After freeing up the stuck rack on the injector pump (from zero use) and thoroughly testing the unit through a couple heat cycles, we were very satisfied with the unit and ready to move ahead with the install. This military auxiliary power unit may seem like overkill but when it's 100 degrees and you're trying to relocate the coach, both roof air conditioners running can make hell into OK in a hurry. Our 6.5kw Onan was a great genset but it's air cooled and if the coach was stationary too long on really hot days it would overheat under the heavy load of the roof air. That won't be a problem anymore. The new APU is rated to run continuously in the desert climates of Afghanistan and Iraq.

I was blessed with a military forklift this year so the job is much easier.

I made sure to mark all my connections as I disconnected the Onan. Some will be used and others won't.

As it turns out, the rolling maintenance tray needed very little modification. A bit of clean-up and it was ready.

All tucked in and ready for hookup. After that we will start working on making this beast as silent as possible.

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