Thursday, April 3, 2014

Preparing the "Towed"

About two months ago we finally came to the decision to use our diesel VW Jetta for our Towed or Dinghy. For those of you who don't speak RV, that means the car you tow behind your motor home. I went back and forth about a hundred  times with what might serve our needs best and when it comes right down to it, it's about economy. I get 46 miles to the gallon with this car and I trust it more than any car I've ever owned. It's relatively light at 2700#s and that's important for us on long grades. It is also a manual transmission making connects and disconnects much simpler.
I started out by buying a used Roadmaster 5250 set up for $200 off craigs list. Of course it came with the wrong brackets so I had to bite the bullet for the proper application and that was $400 more from Roadmaster. I still saved quite a bit of money but it isn't cheap.  The arms of the tow bar stay with the motor home when disconnected. I like this setup more because of the reduced weight on the VW. 


  1. Makes sense, on long trips do you disconnect the dive shaft? On a cross country trip I left the drive shaft on for the first six hundred miles before taking it off, and had to replace the output bearing in the tranny after driving some few hundred miles once I put the shaft back on and started driving.

    1. Actually, the beauty of a standard transmission front wheel drive is you just put it in neutral and you're good to go. There is no adverse effects on the drive train.