Monday, April 28, 2014

House water pump failure

You know the story, try to brush your teeth, turn the handle, trickle.
Knowing my pump is a Sureflow 12V, I start to panic since rv retailers mark these things up horribly. Plus it's a Sunday. I tested for power, yep. Headed to Wilco farm store since the agriculture industry uses these for spray equipment and after an hour of standing on my head again, we have pressure and a rebuilder for backup.


  1. I just replaced mine last week, it was ten years old and leaked every now and then through the seam. I would not want to do that on the road. I had to pull my closet apart to access it and bend like a snake to do it . Ow! Same unit as yours I went to the newer four chamber style.

  2. Ha ha! Yes. I was going to tell you, every time a sprinter pulls up, Alden cringes because you have be a contortionist to work on them. I haven't seen the four chamber yet. Must be more volume/gpm?