Monday, April 7, 2014

Adventure #5 System Shakedown Spring 2014

Last Saturday morning was finally time to take the kids on an overnight shakedown run north 30 some miles to Coulee City to test all our new systems. This will be the first time any of us has used a composting toilet and it will be the first real exercise for our new charging systems.

My beautiful copilot seems pleased.

The drive went perfectly and we secured a "dry camping" spot right on the water. I had considered getting away and do some wild camping but with everything considered, it was best to do my test run close to services just in case something didn't work right.

These collapsible futons are neat. 

The weather was perfect, just cold and windy enough to scare off any potential neighbors.

Our front window view of the coulee was outstanding.

We forgot firewood but someone had been nice enough to leave a bunch of un-split rounds and we DID remember an ax.

Belly ache? check.

Lazy kids? Check.
Super awesome weekend? You bet! Temps outside dropped to mid 30s overnight so with a furnace and our Cat Platinum heater running and after watching two movies and using lights and charging phones and such, we still woke up with 88% of our batteries. When the sun came up our solar panels went right to work and had us fully charged by 10:30 AM! The Natures Head composting toilet worked even better than we'd anticipated and the coach as a whole didn't give me one problem. The best part was when it was time to dump the waste tanks and it was just soapy water. I'm a composter for life now. I'm the "composter child" for composting!


  1. Haha love it ...great to hear your pooper is working better than anticipated.. We had really good weekend and great church..

  2. Sounds like a good shake down trip all around. We'll be closely following your adventure with the composting toilet as it's something we talk about often for our next rig. Not sure either of us are 100% sold yet.

  3. may your journey to Oregon be breakdown free my brother!.

  4. Thanks all! Honestly, using a composting toilet is like riding a bicycle on two wheels for the first time. It doesn't seem right but once you just let go of the old ways, it makes much much more sense. Jess says, It's surprising how well each thing goes in the right place without even thinking about it.