Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What about the music?

Jess and I love music and one thing we have to have in our home is an endless supply of it. When we first brought home the All50before50 coach, we noticed this giant 800 watt sony amplifier hiding in the entryway electrical access panel. It had been disconnected from the power source but was still in line between the stereo head unit and the speakers. After a lot of investigation, the reason for it's disconnection was obvious. When powered up, this amplifier pulls 10 amps constantly and increases as you raise the volume. Here's the scenario, it's evening and the suns going down. Let's assume the house batteries are fully charged. For us that's about 400 amp hours. You crank on the tunes and leave them on from 7pm to 11pm when you go to bed. You just burned 40 amp hrs plus 12 amp hrs for your party lights and if your propane furnace kicks on you're looking at another 50 amp hrs or so gone before you ever see the sun pop out. Grand total of 102 amp hr night and if it's heavy overcast the next day you might be reading in the dark tonight.  Not good in a boondocking situation.   Since we're only feeding 4 modest 6x9 speakers we made the decision to pull the amplifier out and use the Kenwood head units internal amplifier only. With the parasitic draw of the oversized amp gone we can listen to the in dash unit as long as we want while only pulling 1.2 amps.

Next on the list was a rechargeable bluetooth speaker to enhance our android devices since both of us have growing music libraries on our smart phones. We were looking for something small, portable and intuitive while still carrying big sound at low to mid volume. We found it with the Bose Soundlink II.
This little guy packs a ton of sound into a 3 pound box. If you're wanting obnoxious loud music, go to a bar. this little machine is for sitting next to you outside on your folding end table while you sip a cocktail and watch the sun go down. I LOVE this speaker and I've been using it every day since we bought it. I find myself listening to genres that I didn't care for before just because I'm finally hearing the whole sound. 

An exploded view thanks to engadget.

The cover is ingenious serving more than one function. Closing it powers down the speaker. It serves as the stand and it protects the unit from damage when stowed. We found ours at Costco for $259 and while that seems a little pricey, we love it enough to forget that part.


  1. I'd agree big power amp takes lots of juice to bad you can't keep amp hooked to a pair of sub's when those situations call for some berry white you can flip a switch and crank it up..but a good powerful head unit should suffice some 6x9s

  2. The fact that you guys take the time to comment on my blog is really humbling and very much appreciated.