Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Natures Head Installation

The much anticipated composting toilet arrived on Monday so I was anxious to get to work removing the old ways and moving on to new ways! 

Started by removing the concealment panels hiding the "ugly" tank.

As you can see in this picture, I found where my sewer gas smell was coming from. A hair line crack in the toilet flange.

Here you can see where it enters the tank was not much better. Since we are never going back to a wet flush toilet, I removed all associated piping and the toilet flange.

On the Thetford toilet, the mounting bolts are accessible through this cover.... 

...and when you press down the flush pedal just one last time!

To save you from the gory details, here it all is in the garbage where it belongs. 

After capping and cleaning our new grey water tank, things are starting to look up.

I unboxed the new head and started by assembling the stainless spider agitator handle.

Then I attached the floor brackets to the head and test fit the unit keeping in mind things like clearances for service, dis-assembly and ventilation hookups.

Since the bottom of the new head is flat and needs no plumbing, there was no need to plug the old hole. When I replace the bathroom flooring, I will address this.

Since my ventilation is running forward toward the refer chimney, I swapped the fan and intake side for side. 

Here is what the little fan looks like. It runs constantly, only drawing around 2 amp hours per 24 hour period.

The finished fan side venting.

It was not super simple but I didn't lose any hair over it and the finished product is spectacular. With the newly converted "grey water tank" we now have 130 gal total capacity for water used in showering, tooth brushing and dishes. No More Smells is the best part of all this. I can't stand the smell of a ripe RV black water tank and now I never have to worry about dumping one again. 

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