Monday, March 3, 2014

Let it flow

This weekend was extremely nonproductive. With the weather bearing down on us, I knew I was down to hours on Friday night before the snow, wind, and single digit temps hit. Since we acquired our coach, we've been looking for one of those destination signs for the box above the front glass. They are very hard to find so my new idea was to use some left over chrome/fade numbers I had from a previous job and make it appear like it's backlit as well as on a roll.  Turned out good and there's room for a ".com" later. 
Switching gears I moved on to the main board replacement on our Dometic fridge with a new Dinosaur Electronics p246 plus replacement board which is suppose to clean up the erratic and sometimes "non operation" of the gas mode in this particular model. I will post more on this when my new igniter board shows up since replacing this board alone didn't solve my problem. Refrigeration gets frustratingly expensive when it comes to boondocking.
The fridge led me here in the spirit of the 90/10 rule,  Grab wife, go to bar, drink wine and eat burgers. Perfect.

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