Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dometic RM 3804 repair revisited

The first thing I did was get a digital photo of the ID plate. Super helpful when looking up parts. The problem that my Dometic was experiencing was when I tried to switch to propane mode the unit would fault. (red light flashing). All other modes worked fine.

The second thing I did was read forums until I had read about every other person who had ever had problems with this model of fridge and whether or not they ever fixed their problem. Most of these folks found the weak link to be the main control board in the rear of the unit. Since I had no way of testing my board, I chose to upgrade anyway to a USA made Dinosaur Electronics P-246 plus which is said to be much more reliable. Also, since the 12 volt and the 120 ac modes still worked flawlessly I knew the cooling unit was not to blame.
When you're using ebay, always do your own research and query the exact part#. I've saved hundreds on parts by this trick alone. RV dealers want your money. I repeat, RV dealers want your money. Skip the middle man and find the direct part supply. I was not able to find a direct source for the main board but I did find a least expensive alternative. $155

After replacing the main board with no change in behavior, I was left with the re-ignitor board (above)
Dometic Part#2931132019 $33 Shipped! This unit is $100 or more if you search without the part#. 
It took 5 minutes to install last night and zap zap zap, I was in propane refer heaven. This clean blue flame is what you're looking for during burner inspection.

Now I have the old main board (good for a backup) and I ordered 2 re-ignitor boards (one for backup) and my Dometic RM 3804 is essentially electronically new for less then $200


  1. Big big fan this site! I usually have nothing of importance to say but enjoy the shit out of this stuff.

    1. Thanks Jojo! I try to keep it interesting but I'm sure most are just yawning and wondering when we're gonna put the hammer down and leave. Their gonna find out.

  2. From also Not sure I'm posting this comment right. I tried earlier but it seemed to fail. I've done about the same as you to fix my RM3804 I damaged when working on an alternator problem. I moved red ground wire to positive and seem to have fried my Frig and a thin lite and blew a couple of fuses. Bought a Micro P246 plus$167 and Reigniter $25 from Adventure RV. Still no lights on the Refrigerator. I have 12V and 120 volt power to the unit. My next guess is either the relay or wiring from the P246plus to the eyebrow card above the door or the eyebrow card (upper card) is bad. Did you find any source for the wires or the upper card? My RM3804 Product No is 92160031. Thanks for any help or advise you can provide. Do you know the wire colors and cooresponding terminal numbers for the ignition cut off relay or is there a way to temporarily bypass it?