Tuesday, March 25, 2014

7 Hours of waxing

Since I don't have an airplane hangar to park our coach in, it spends it'e life getting baked by the sun. To minimize this process, try to park north south so that the rear of the bus bears the brunt of the radiation. Yesterday I decided to bite the bullet and give her some wax love before any more damage can occur.

WE have extremely hard water here so a spray bottle with a little dish soap works great for heavy soiling and bird crap. The rest gets dusted of with a soft towel and then I start rubbing in the Mothers Carnauba wax by hand. Previous buffing has worn quite a bit of paint's original thickness down so it's hand work from here on out to save as much of the paint as I can.

You can see how much oxidation is coming off in the left of this pic in the white area. Everything to the right is the finished product. It was an all day job but I have to try and save this paint as long as I can so I don't mind. When paint is new it has oils in it that keep it flexible and durable but as time goes on, it drys out and becomes chalky and brittle. Waxing helps to protect and add to the oils which will prolong it's life. I'm very glad that this paint job did not have a clear coat. Clear coat is a one shot deal, when it starts to flake off, your paint is through.


  1. She looks very pretty shinny.. What's a good wax for the tins of the Harley..and what kinda stuff brings back the satin black on the motor.. My bike don't stay clean for long cause I ride the shit out of it to n dirt roads..look forward to this summer if you can make it I got 5 acre's of rv parking

    1. Hey Brother, I'm not like most folks when it comes to cleaning my bike. My stuff is top secret. I'll message ya a pic of the product but shhh...