Thursday, February 13, 2014

Solar install part 5

The temps were finally up around 40F this week so I unboxed the panels for prepping.

The AM Solar developed Rocker Foot assembly is all stainless steel and a breeze to install with supplied stainless bolts and nylock nuts.

No backup nut needed here since the first bracket has a threaded insert. The feet are three position and already come prepared with 3M VHB adhesive tape.

A photo for scale. 480 watts of solar ready for installation.

Up on the roof of our bus it becomes apparent just how much real estate is taken up by vents, air conditioners and rivet rows. All told, it looks like I will be able to run all three down the starboard (right) side with no apparent shading, leaving the port side open for three more panels in the future.

Since it's not above 60F yet, I'm only test fitting today but as you can see, these large panels turn into a very small feature on a 40 foot coach. Next, I will be installing the AM Solar designed roof combiner box and running more 4/2 cable down through the coach and into the Blue Sky Energy controller.

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  1. Hell yeah I did some residential panel work and a really cool on I assisted was one on a gas charged frame that would track sun and at sun down return to sun rise position.. Cool shit I'm geeking with you brother..