Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Solar install part 4

On the battery side of the controller I ran the 4/2 with the positive through a 50 amp weatherproof, ignition protected breaker and the negative side going to the load side of the manganin shunt.

On the controller side, the 4/2 is connected to the proper terminals. 6 feet of  4 gauge copper conductor between controller and batteries comes to only 1% voltage drop which I will compensate for during programming.  

A flick of the breaker and the IPN Blue Sky Pro Remote comes to life! It shows 12.7 V in the batteries with a 1.7 amp draw which was the basement bay light and the front TV in sleep mode. As I turned on each light, I could now measure each load accurately since all 12V loads in the coach now run through the manganin shunt and are reported by the remote.
Next step is the solar panels! Better weather will be here soon so stay tuned!

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