Monday, February 10, 2014

Solar Install Part 3

I had originally planned on installing the charge controller in the waste tank/battery bay but after a ton of contemplation, I moved it forward one bay to the laundry/freshwater tank bay. Since I will be using flooded cell batteries, it's a much better atmosphere for electronics. When we upgrade our Magnatek dumb converter to a Magnum hybrid inverter/charger, I will mount it in this bay as well. 

The previous owner had already added 1" styro insulation with 3/4" plywood to the inside of each bay making my work much easier. For those of you wondering, that's 3.5 inches between bays. I think he was building her to live in Alaska. I am grateful!

With the controller finally mounted, I pulled the temp compensation wire (remotely senses true battery temperature to adjust charge characteristics) and remote control wire. Next comes running the  big 4/2 wire, stay tuned....

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