Friday, February 21, 2014

Onan gets a new fuel pump.

Blended fuels containing alcohol mixed with long periods of no use finally took it's toll on our emergency generator. Normally we wouldn't be caught dead using the old Onan 6.5 but when it's super hot and you're in transport mode, theres nothing better than kicking on the roof air and chilling out down the road.

It took alot of digging but I finally figured out what kind of fuel pump Onan used from the factory then instead of paying a ripoff  "RV friendly dealer" $160, I found one on Ebay for $65. Here are some specs:
  • Fuel Compatibility: All models of the Facet® High Performance Gold-Flo Solid State Fuel Pumps are compatible with gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, blended alcohol fuels and fuel additives.
  • Reliability: The new Gold-Flo Solid State Fuel Pump is an enhanced version of our Interrupter model. It has Solid State circuitry and will meet or exceed all performance specifications and is totally interchangeable. (These pumps have demonstrated an endurance life almost double that of the nearest competitor, according to our test data).
  • Easy to Install-Easy to Service: Two bolt mounting makes installations easy. Nothing to adjust. For best results, mount the pump close to the fuel tank and below the fuel level. The pump is self-priming to 24 inches vertical fuel lift. Vertical mounting is preferred to assure maintenance of rated pressures. An installation kit is available for replacement applications. The only service normally required is a simple cleaning of the filter and fuel inlet cavity.
  • Eliminates Vapor Lock: When properly installed on most vehicles a constant, smooth, dependable supply of fuel under pressure is assured in the hottest weather or in high altitudes.

The best part was that it was a direct fit and took no more than five minutes to install and now our emergency Air Conditioning Generator is purring like a kitten again.


  1. Holy crap! Thanks for this, now I don't have to do all that digging. Definitely one to put in the RV binder. Thanks again...

  2. Looking at the picture, doesn't the location of the muffler heat up the intake of the cooling air, seems that would cause a hot running engine?

    1. I know, it does look like a kohler style fan but this onan actually pulls it's cooling air from behind the heads forward and hot air exits the bottom. When I first saw it, I thought the same thing.