Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Detroit 8V71 oil change day

Saturday morning and the snow was melted so I took advantage of the semi dry ground and prepared to change the oil on the "Millennium Falcon". 

These highway coaches are so close to the ground that a service pit is almost essential unless you have a ditch in front of your driveway like this. Two five gallon buckets for this job is plenty. The engine takes 7 gallons or 28 qts of straight 40 weight.

The filters on this coach are shell and cartridge style so first you drain the shell and then you can remove it with the cartridge without making a huge mess. It's also nice since you can inspect the inside of the shell for any metal particles or other tell tale debris that might indicate imminent failure.  

After the filter work was done and the drain plug was back in, it was time to add the 7 gallons of oil. Since I haven't purchased a barrel of bulk oil yet, I used my old 5 qt oil can with the drain button ziptied down and the nozzle in the hungry hole. Much faster than adding a quart at a time.

Primary and secondary fuel filters were next. Same as the oil filter, drain, remove, clean, replace, refill, 
re-gasket, install.

The ears were gone from the secondary filter shell drain but pliers will still open it gently.

With the primary on the right and the secondary on the left, you can see it was well over the time they should've been serviced.

This is a closeup of one of the filter shell gaskets. It's dry, cracked and hard as a rock. Every little thing like this that I find and replace just makes me feel that much better about how reliable our old coach will be in the future if she is maintained properly.

Jess and I celebrated a great and productive weekend.

We also said goodbye to another old friend. Downsizing, while enlightening is often painful. Jess bought this truck 8 years ago and it has been loved by us and will continue to be loved by it's new owners. 


  1. Goodbye, Old Friend, you will be dearly missed.
    Hello, Future!

  2. This honestly was a HUGE help as I'm preparing to do an oil and filter change, along with fuel filter replacement, on Scenicruiser 858! I'm considering though making the change to all spin on type filters for fuel and oil.

    Did you have any problem losing the prime to your engine when doing the fuel filters?

    Thanks a ton for documenting this guys!

    1. Thank you so much for the feedback! I've since changed out the napa 40w to the proper 40w non detergent, 2 stroke diesel approved/rated oil. And about the fuel filters, just fill the canisters prior to reinstall and your good. She might blubber a couple times but it picks up fuel quickly. Hope this helps!