Friday, January 31, 2014

Solar install part 2. Running wires.

Last week my new hydraulic crimpers showed up so it was time to move forward with our solar charging system install. These crimpers exceeded my expectations and I would gladly recommend them to anyone on a budget.

Temco 5 ton crimper $65 off of ebay.

The only hitch is that the dies are metric so you have to do a little conversion. For 2/0 lugs they suggested the 70 die but I found the 50 die to be a better fit for these lugs to get a complete crimp. Crappy crimps give away your power to resistance and you would be surprised how much is lost in one bad connection.  

All DC loads must run through this shunt. (manganin resistor of accurately known resistance, is placed in series with the load so that all of the current to be measured will flow through it.) My cable is on the left finished off with glue filled heat shrink, the ones on the right were existing and will be replaced tonight. I also ran the smaller volt sense wire from the remote to the shunt and the control line from the remote to the charge controller. I know it doesn't sound like much but to do things right takes time and this coach is full of challenges.

Also, I wanted to share a little more on headlights. I was still not happy with the low beams light output so I looked a little closer and noticed both low beam bulbs (left) had cloudy reflectors and moisture inside. Just because they were still working doesn't mean they're still good. The new ones (right) are at least 50% brighter and I think that all of my headlight problems are finally behind me. Maybe. 

Jess and I celebrating finishing our tax return! 

Jess doing the Whitesnake hood dance on our "can't afford to drive it out of town coupe" 


  1. I have worked with 4/0 wire at one of many job's I've hade and my job was to strip and to put the lug's on the end. We hard a greenlee hydraulic crimper.

  2. Now your in my world I love electrical talk..

  3. Thanks for following. I know this is taking forever to put this system together but the weather just slows a guy down so bad that the last thing you want to do on a nice day is work on the system. If I could fit it in the shop, things would be different. Thanks for your patience. Things will pick up soon since, as you know, the clock is ticking now....