Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Solar Install Part 1

I thought I would start by doing some "indoors" work and install the Blue Sky IPM Pro Remote. I chose this area for many reasons. #1 reason was that there was already a botched hole with the hot water burner switch stuffed in it. #2 was that this location is right above my battery bay located in the basement of the coach. #3 and the best reason was for visibility from the front of the coach all the way through the living room and into the kitchen, the charge status light  is easily visible.

Before marking the new hot water switch location, I measured the wires to be sure it could be relocated 4 inches higher.

I always take pictures before I unhook anything.

Since I want to do more installs in the future, I took my time making these templates.

These little levels are great in homes but not in an RV since you can't be sure how level the RV is at any given time so I squared from the existing trim and counter top and made sure to place the remote where it would do the best job covering the previous hole.

My Dremel Multimax does an outstanding job on precision square cuts like this. The project took one hour from start to finish and turned out nice. Next will be installing the shunt for volt sense and pulling wires. Stay tuned!


  1. Love these "how to/can do" posts Brother. Keep em' cummin'

  2. Thanks all! Sorry it's been such a slow process. Too many projects and honeydoos.