Friday, January 17, 2014


2014 brings many new challenges to the table when it comes to funding our long term boondocking goals.
It would seem that the most right component is most always the most expensive as well. In the true spirit of manifesting wealth, I guess we'll just have to trust that all will be provided to those who work their asses off to get it. These three components alone will run over $6k and with two years until we cut the cord for good, I hear the clock and it's getting louder.

After a lot of back and forth, I've decided on the MSH-M Magnum Energy Hybrid inverter/charger for our application. It's boosting technology will be helpful in using our solar charged battery supply to do load support when only plugged into a 15 amp extension cord so as not to overstay our welcome when invited to driveway surf.

Having been involved in school bus maintenance, I am very familiar with the Espar line of products and what they can do for a bus in cold weather. Using your diesel fuel and very little electricity, These little programmable air and coolant heaters make cold starts a thing of the past and provide great cabin heat support should your propane supply run low.

Last but not least, Natures Head composting toilet. This simple addition to any motorhome, will greatly extend your ability to stay in one place without the need to get to a dump station every time your black tank is full. Converting our back tank to a separate grey tank also doubles our grey water capacity to 130 gallons which is 20 more gallons then our fresh water tanks hold. Also, grey water is much easier to dispose of responsibly or reuse for irrigating small crops of salad greens and veggies. All in all it's a tall order but so was acquiring our coach to begin with then purchasing our 480 watt solar charging system the same year. It's all about manifesting success without doubt.  We're on the right path and we know it!


  1. I just love the way your using the "best fit" in technology in a well researched manner. If there is anything that i have learned about becoming better at any craft, it's you need to do your research. What have people done before you? Subjective decision making saves time and money... as you well know.

    The passion you guys have for this adventure is incredibly stimulating for me. The positive pursuits of my respected colleagues help drive my own.

    Don't ever give up on your dreams.

    1. Thanks Brother. An island of independence is what we're striving for and it's much harder then we ever anticipated. Our goal is getting closer but the price is definitely going up on what's left to be truly free from having to "hook up". Thanks for your encouragement!