Monday, November 4, 2013

Driver side compartment stand on your head fest.

Well not exactly but it was a little precarious with my knee pads on and my ass hanging out in traffic. When we last worked on the headlights, the goal was to get proper voltage going. Often, when you fix one thing, you reveal new things that require attention. Tucked away in the drivers tool compartment, under where your feet go is quite a few maintenance items that until now have gone largely un-noticed. Although bright, the headlights were a little sketchy on when they would turn on or if and I suspected corrosion in the row of breakers in said tiny compartment.
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Four headlights, four breakers or "Short Stops". Two of them I had already pulled down to replace. Moisture in this compartment was causing the connectors to rust and loose contact. Where am I going to find some new breakers on a Sunday?

Score! My friend had scrapped a couple fire trucks last year and I saved a bunch of the electrical panels and such so.....

The fire truck parts were higher quality with brass nuts so I was able to upgrade as well.

Here is the finished block of breakers. Each headlight gets it's own. High and low beam power is supplied through the bottom two wires and split via brass bars.

To finish up I gave it a chooch of NCP-2 to prevent any further corrosion.

much better

To top it all off, I had been looking for an original window wash jar for the inside of the compartment door when it occurred to me to think outside the jar. Stay tuned as things are about to get a little hectic as we set out for our first major trip to AM Solar in Springfield Oregon for their solar installation training workshop and hopefully install the heart of our new cutting edge SUPER SOLAR SYSTEM!!!


  1. good luck on your first major road trip my brother I hope everything goes well and smooth.

  2. Best of thoughts and wishes on your first run. Ya know.... I was thinking that we should start a band. You guys already have the perfect tour bus!

  3. Thanks Brothers. As with all things super mechanical and old, odds are against a perfect trip but what the hell. Makes for fun reading when it's over.