Friday, October 11, 2013

Out with the old TVs

We're generally not big on television unless it's dinner time but things like inclement weather and unexpected illnesses sure can be a lot more pleasant with a good movie to watch. Our coach was converted in the 90's so it had things like VHS, tube style TVs and land phone lines. With the old AV equipment on it's way to the local charity, we were left with these cabinet like cubby holes so I had an idea to use these as DVD storage and mount the Skyworth 12v DVD LCD TVs so that they could be swiveled out like a door for access to the cabinet but would hide it's contents when stowed.
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Scored the TVs off Ebay for $130 each and the Cheetah VESA 100 arm mounts were a steal at $10 a piece.

This is the bedroom TV in it's stowed/viewing position. It sits flush with the opening. Had I mounted it 1 1/2 inches lower, I would've been a professional.

The forward/livingroom TV mount was done the same way.

This opening was a bit taller so I split the difference. For transport, going down the road, I will fit a short bungee to the back of the mount and hook it inside the cabinet to keep tension against the cabinet face and minimize any bouncing. 15 1/2 inch TVs were plenty big enough for or viewing taste and they are about a third of the weight of the equipment we removed.


  1. Sloppy seconds! hahahahahahahahaha!!!!

    Great stuff you guys. Dig the layout. I am looking forward to vicarious adventures!