Friday, October 11, 2013

LED light swap and some new gadgets


The old bulbs on the left from the top down we had: 14 halogen ceiling lights, 4 reading lamps and 7 docking lamps.

This fixture in the bathroom had an 1156 so I found this SMD (surface mount device) warm white, LED replacement since it's right next to the mirror.

This bayonet style warm white SMD was perfect for the stove top vent hood light. The warm white is better when it comes to looking at food or your face in a mirror for that matter.

Here is one of the halogen ceiling lamps upgraded with a warm white 5 SMD LED. I could have opted for the PUCK style but I would have lost the beauty of the diffused light through the faceted fixtures.

in this shot you can see the light pattern and brightness during daylight hours.

Our coach was also equipped with 7 of these beautiful docking lights that if you turned them all on at once, would start blowing fuses. I replaced them all with the very compact SMD LED bright white flush face bulbs pictured in the top photo.

The step/docking light wasn't working at all and wasn't wired so I designated a new circuit and gave it it's own independent switch which I may upgrade to a pin switch, activated by opening the door, in the future.

The indirect lighting was upgraded from 90's incandescent rope lights to highly efficient and fun to play with RGB LED ribbon lights with remotes. 
The controllers that came with the lights were faulty so for another $9 I upgraded to sound controlled RGB with remotes and so far they have worked flawlessly. These new remotes didn't have the flexibility of blending colors but I would rather have reliability then rainbows if you know what I mean.

You can choose from any of these colors as well as 4 pre programed effects or 4 more music and sound activated profiles. SUPER FUN!

This entire LED upgrade from start to finish came in at less then $100 dollars and was fun and easy to do. I purchased all the lights through Ebay from China. I don't buy into the whole idea of paying three times as much for a product that came from China just because the middle man is American. Also, pay close attention to polarity. Some rv's may have the positive and negative wires switched around which doesn't affect a standard filament bulb. A LED will need the right polarity to work. We can now turn all the lights on and no fuses are blown and we're using less than 1/10 of the power to do so.  

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