Monday, October 21, 2013

Generator Work

Do you have an old Onan? We do and for now, it's enough since our focus is to not be dependent on the generator as our only source of power. It is merely a backup/emergency generator.
With 6.5K watts, it will run one roof AC at a time which is fine for going down the road in the heat of summer since we only use the front roof air during transport since our coach has no engine powered air conditioning. The previous owner had installed this great rolling tray that makes routine maintenance access a breeze.

The old Onan deluxe remote start panel however was not working properly. The hour meter, battery condition meter and run light were not functioning at all. Without proper hour readings it's hard to know when to change the oil and perform scheduled maint. 

After a lot of searching, this schematic was the best info I could find for this older unit. If you don't know how to read schematics it's pretty hard to make out what the hell to do next. In our case, the harness was complete but there were three wires with ring connectors that were disconnected and I had no clue...

When all else fails, show me pictures. This is what I could not find. The finished, working unit after an hour of deciphering. I really hope this helps someone out.

This was about a 2 hour project if you don't count the time spent on Google digging through PDF files. Every little system that I fix makes the finished product so much better and I'm learning at light speed how why and where every system functions.

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  1. Just getting caught up H+J. Thanks for all the details and lots of fun to watch it come together. I may not comment a lot but, that don't mean I aint a watchin'.