Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Adventure #3 Coulee City Campground

Since our last trip I had replaced all lighting with efficient L.E.D. technology including 14 halogen ceiling lamps, two incandescent rope lights, four reading lights and 6 exterior docking lights. It is absolutely amazing how much power you can save if you do this simple conversion. L.E.D.s use 1/10 of the electricity of an incandescent lighting and the don't produce nearly as much heat. I had also fixed the generator, (cracked fuel line), Repaired the front AC unit, (faulty thermal cut out switch), and replaced the main engine thermostats with 170 degree units and plumbed in a Sureflow for the radiator spritzer that uses house water to temporarily assist the radiator with cooling on hard grades. 
With renewed confidence we loaded up for a Labor Day test trip and this time we brought our two Peugeot mopeds, firewood, 10x10 and a whole bunch of snacks for a three day shakedown. 

Made it over Pinto Ridge at around 185-190F operating temp and had no issues with the generator running and the roof air on for the trip as our coach does not have "engine air".

Got camp set up and had a ball. Lot's of friends stopped by and there was plenty of room  for entertaining.

Loving the big windows!

An old Plymouth inspired her new name. We had a great time and the return 30 miles was without incident. There is still a long way to go before any long trips are planned but The old coach seems to be coming along nicely. Stay posted for more updates.

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