Friday, September 27, 2013

Adventure #2 Blue Lake

 Without properly testing the new bus, we really had no idea how reliable it would be but instead of being scared of it, we just jumped in it and took off one night. The tires had just been installed on the rear and I was anxious to stretch her legs a bit. Right out of the gate it was running a little warm for me. Detroit Diesels are fairly particular when it comes to running warm so I was white knuckles all the way over Pinto Ridge. When we arrived at Blue Lake I went to start the generator and it was hard to start and acting like it was out of fuel even though I had just filled it. So to recap, hot main engine, generator quits, no air conditioning,  95 F and it just keeps getting better. We smiled, sweated and made the absolute best of it. The next morning when I figured it was cool enough to attempt a return trip, the starting batteries were dead and I had not packed any tools or jumpers. We had to call a friend and we got it started and limped it home. What I didn't know then was how many systems I would be learning about if I wanted to continue having "adventures" in our new bus.

Adventure #1

 When we head out to see all 50, we're going to need room for two cats and a George. We couldn't work out the logistics with the A.F.Y. van so we became receptive to new opportunities instead of being stuck on stupid. Fuel mileage is only slightly worse and accessibility to remote areas will be a challenge but in the words of Louis L'Amour "Adventure's just a romantic word for trouble." As you know if you follow any of my posts, I like to barter. This deal cost me our 03 Dodge Ram, our Midsota equip trailer and our 753 Bobcat. His price was reduced from 35K to 25K and I had 18K into the package. With a 7K split we were winners and headed home from Reardan smiling like a couple idiots. Five miles into our victory journey, I spotted flapping rubber out the rear wheel well. Sweaty palms and cuss words later, the outside dual gave up and we were locked in at 45 mph the rest of the way home. Upon further inspection we decided to replace all four drive tires as they are recaps and I hate caps ($2000). We drank two bottles of wine and a bunch of rum in our underwear that night in that hot sumbich cause we didn't have the threedapter that plugs it into the house.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The adventure begins.......

In the summer of 2013 my wife and I decide it's time for a drastic change.